After entering the Senate under unusual circumstances - and as part of the Senate minority, - U.S. Senator Tina Smith knew that she had to work with both Republicans and Democrats to quickly make a difference for Minnesota. 

In just three years, her approach of working across the aisle has worked and she has gotten more than two dozen pieces of bipartisan legislation through Congress and signed into law.

In that time, she has successfully worked with Republicans from all parts of the country to enact measures to improve health care, housing, agriculture, education, and broadband services.  Her work has helped seniors, students, rural communities, veterans, and members of the nation’s Tribal communities. 

To successfully get legislation enacted, she’s worked with a diverse group of Republican Senators, including:

  • Republican Sen. Mike Rounds of South Dakota on rural health care and rural housing.
  • Republican Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana on lowering the price of insulin and on health coverage for Coronavirus vaccines
  • Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine on both preventing drug shortages, and on preventing Lyme Disease.
  • Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler of Georgia on both grants to improve rural health care, and on grants to improve telehealth
  • Republican Senator Rob Portman of Ohio on fixing a mistake in the 2017 tax law that threatened rural cooperatives and rural broadband, and disaster response.
  • Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida on improving maintenance of rural housing
  • Republican Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina on Addressing Terrorism Risk
  • Republican Senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst of Iowa on farm energy programs. 
  • Republican Senators John Hoeven of ND and John Thune of SD on preserving the sugar program that supports thousands of job in MN’s Red River Valley.

And each measure she got through Congress was signed into law by Republican President Donald Trump.

Bipartisanship Beyond Legislation

Senator Smith has also reached out to Senators of both parties to work on issues that matter to Minnesotans.

  • She asked Republican Senators Mike Rounds and Deb Fischer to co-chair her Rural Working Group to highlight what is working in rural communities across the country.
  • Sen. Smith successfully pushed to become a co-chair of the Senate’s bipartisan Rural Health Caucus.
  • When she formed her Farm Bill Working Group to prepare for the debate over the 2018 Farm Bill, she made sure Minnesota farm leaders and advocates from both sides of the aisle were part of that important effort.  The Farm Bill is important to MN’s economy.

In short, she’s listened to the Minnesotans who want their leaders to put aside partisanship and divisiveness, be effective and get things done.