Sen. Smith fought for a spot on the Senate Agriculture Committee because ag is the foundation of Minnesota's economy.

All Minnesotans are impacted by the Farm Bill, and as we move into the upcoming Farm Bill debate, Sen. Smith wants to make sure she brings together Minnesotans with a deep understanding of farm policy and how it impacts the state's producers, businesses, and communities. That's why shortly after joining the Senate, Sen. Smith launched her Farm Bill Working Group—so she can push Minnesota priorities after hearing from as many Minnesota experts as possible. She'll also be sure to keep fighting hard to defend the sugar program.

Sen. Smith understands that it's been a difficult past few years for agriculture, and she believes that the federal government should be giving farmers more support. She's heard from farmers about the high cost of health care-prescription drugs in particular. Sen. Smith's very first bill she introduced aims to address the cost of prescription drugs by making it possible to access more affordable prescription drugs.

It's also important to invest more in Greater Minnesota, and from her leadership post on the Rural Development and Energy Subcommittee, Sen. Smith will be working to expand access to broadband and better infrastructure.

Thousands of Minnesotans are employed in the ethanol and biodiesel industry—selling corn and soybeans to biofuel facilities boosts the incomes of farmers around the state. Biofuels are good for energy security, for our environment, and for our economy, which is why Sen. Smith will advocate for a strong Renewable Fuel Standards (RFS) program.