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Fighting to Protect Minnesotans

The past several weeks have been especially challenging with mass shootings, such as the ones in Buffalo, NY as well as Uvalde, TX, and Tulsa, OK. I am angry and heartbroken, yet again. The murder of innocent children, hate crimes against the Black community, and mass shootings in hospitals are unconscionable, and I reject the notion that there is nothing we can do. No other country in the world experiences gun violence like we do here in the United States, and we need to do something to stop it. -Tina Smith  Mass Shootings and the Need for Legislation to Prevent Gun Violence As we mourn the loss of innocent lives in Buffalo, New York, Uvalde, Texas, and Tulsa Oklahoma, it is evident that we need to enact commonsense gun safety legislation in this country. The House has already passed a bill that would require a background check for every gun purchase—something almost 90% of Americans support. It’s time for the Senate to pass this important legislation and send it to the President’s desk. There is no one law that will solve the mass shooting epidemic in this country, but we can save lives if we take action. It is time for us to make a change. Leaked Supreme Court Draft That Would Overturn Roe v. Wade As the only U.S. Senator to have worked at Planned Parenthood, I understand the need to protect a woman’s right to make her own decisions about her life, her health, and her body. For

A New Law to Modernize and Improve the Postal Service

I wanted to share some information on what we recently delivered on in the Senate: newly passed bipartisan legislation that will ensure the Postal Service maintains six-days of delivery per week—changes were under consideration—and puts the Postal Service on better financial footing after years of beleaguered budgets. It’s now headed to President Biden’s desk to be signed into law, and I’m proud to have cosponsored this legislation and helped get it over the finish line. Minnesotans and Americans across the country rely on the Postal Service—it’s how we get our medicine, Social Security checks and veterans benefits. And it’s also how many of us vote. Its services are so vital that it’s included in our Constitution. No matter where you live, you rely on the Postal Service. Yet, as you may know, the Postal Service has been plagued by unfair financial burdens. These challenges have made it hard to deliver reliable service, especially in the long run. I’ve been pushing in the Senate to ensure the USPS gets the stable footing it needs, so I’m proud we could deliver on this legislation. Reforming the Postal Service The bipartisan Postal Service Reform Act will modernize the USPS and make it more transparent, accountable, and financially stable. It’s also supported by Republicans and Democrats, postal workers, unions, and businesses. Here is what it will do: Ensure there are no cuts to delivery by permanently requiring the Postal Service to deliver six days per week. Save taxpayers $27 billion over the next decade

Working for All of Us

The past month, I have reflected on the resiliency and strength all of us have displayed over the past two challenging years. I am so proud to represent Minnesota in the US Senate, and I wanted to share some updates on a few pieces of my legislation that I have been working on:  •    A new bipartisan law I authored with Sen. John Thune (R-SD) to ensure federally connected school districts get the funding they need during the pandemic.   •    Legislation called the Veterans Hearing Benefit Act to help vets can get the care they deserve for hearing loss

Historic Infrastructure Bill Will Benefit Minnesota for Years to Come

I was at the White House in November when President Biden signed the historic bipartisan infrastructure bill into law. I pushed hard to get the measure through the Senate and over the finish line because in the coming months and years, it will create thousands of jobs, make our state more competitive and improve the lives of rural, urban, suburban, and Tribal communities across Minnesota. Last week, I also joined the President when he visited Dakota County Technical College (DCTC) in Rosemount to talk about how the new law will directly improve the lives of all Minnesotans. At that event,

An Eventful Autumn

September and October have been busy and exciting months for all of us. Another Minnesota school year has begun, and that nervous, yet determined feeling that comes with a new school year has also been felt here in Washington with my work to ensure the Build Back Better budget benefits families, communities, and businesses across Minnesota.  I have successfully advocated for the November 8 reopening of the U.S.-Canadian border for vaccinated travelers, which is good news for hard-hit Northern Minnesota businesses and communities that depend on Canadian travelers to thrive. In addition, I have called on the U.S. Postal Service

Working for Minnesota in Washington

I am lucky to represent you in Washington D.C. and to work every day in the United States Senate to make progress for Minnesotans. I’ll be honest, this can be a frustrating and divisive place. But it’s knowing that every win we have is for the people of Minnesota that continues to inspire me. These past months have been busy––but I am excited to give you an update on the work I’ve been doing in Washington.  Working for a Cleaner Future  I am working to advance a Clean Electricity Standard (CES) as part of the major budget package now being