U.S. Senator Tina Smith Joins Young Americans on National Mall to Highlight Need to Address Climate Change, Promote Clean Energy

WASHINGTON, D.C. [8/4/21]—Today, U.S. Senator Tina Smith (D-Minn.) joined young climate leaders just steps from the U.S. Capitol to call for federal action on addressing climate change and establishing a Clean Electricity Standard (CES).

You can access photos from the event hereherehere and here.

“This is our moment to make the change we need, and we can’t wait,” said Sen. Smith. “The place to start in Congress is by passing strong climate legislation. This summer, I’m working hard to make sure infrastructure legislation includes a clean electricity standard—which is a powerful, practical, progressive investment to get us to net-zero carbon emissions in power generation as soon as possible, starting with at least 80% clean electricity by 2030.

“We can do this. It’s a big challenge, but choosing this future will improve our health, it will create better jobs, it will put us on the forefront of research and innovation, and it will make our country more fair and just.”

Sen. Smith—who met with young climate leaders and activists today—first began working on climate issues while serving as Lieutenant Governor from Minnesota after a group of youth climate advocates met with her and called on her to take action. And now, as Senator, she is still working to take action.

In 2019, Sen. Smith introduced legislation to establish a federal CES to achieve net-zero emissions in the electric sector, and she continues to press Congress to enact a strong CES as a central part of our national strategy to fight climate change.